O maior ecossistema de tecnologias em vendas do Brasil

O maior ecossistema de tecnologias em vendas do Brasil

Sales Engagement/Pré-venda


Como funciona na prática em três passos:Faça o cliente lembrar de vocêApós a confirmação de pagamento seu cliente recebe uma parte do valor de volta. Ele poderá usar na sua loja em uma próxima compra.... Saiba mais
Categoria: Sales Engagement/Pré-venda
Para equipes: 100+
Usuários ativos na plataforma:
Teste grátis: sim



Como funciona na prática em três passos:

  1. Faça o cliente lembrar de você
    Após a confirmação de pagamento seu cliente recebe uma parte do valor de volta. Ele poderá usar na sua loja em uma próxima compra.
  2. Forneça benefícios exclusivos
    O link de acesso ao APP e o código do Cupom com valor do Cash Back, são enviados por Email e SMS automaticamente.
  3. Recompense os melhores clientes
    Voltando a comprar na loja dentro de um prazo definido por você, o cliente digita o código do cupom que desconta o valor do pedido.


  1. Notificações por SMS e Email
  2. APP white label - Personalize cores, logotipo e ícone
  3. Aplicativo PWA homologado - Mobile e desktop
  4. Resgate automático de cupom após um pedido
  5. Termo de adesão personalizável
  6. Treinamento por vídeo aulas
  7. Indicação e convite para amigos
  8. Botão de atendimento via WhatsApp
  9. Cupons de desconto via marketplaces
  10. Relatórios exportáveis para excel
  11. Lançamento manual das vendas no APP ou PDV
  12. Automação de marketing via SMS
  13. Pesquisa de satisfação NPS
  14. Menu adicional para cadastrar dúvidas frequentes
  15. Domínio e Email próprios
  16. Importação de relatórios
  17. Integração com maquininha POS Stone
  18. API de integração para desenvolvedores
  19. Dashboards analíticos e KPI's de resultado
  20. Canal de ajuda e relacionamento com o cliente
  21. Suporte técnico via chamados com SLA de 24h
  22. Gerente de contas e consultoria estratégica
  23. Conversão e publicação de APP na Apple Store
  24. Conversão e publicação de APP na Play Store

Preparado para decolar?
- Criando seu próprio programa de fidelidade com a Smartbis, você fideliza seus clientes e maximiza a recorrência das vendas na sua Loja Virtual.

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Francisco BalbinoFrancisco Balbino
15:10 13 Nov 23
I'm in the evaluation period but according to other companies in this sector, this is the best option. Prices could be improved so that small businesses can have more access.
Geovani MunizGeovani Muniz
23:27 31 Oct 23
My service was remote, but excellent!Therefore, I recommend it.
Rian Narcizo MarianoRian Narcizo Mariano
18:14 31 Oct 23
Excellent service! Super qualified and attentive professionals.
Felipe LimaFelipe Lima
02:04 27 Oct 23
Smartbis demonstrated impeccable integration with the Cardoso & Lima store. This has streamlined our operations and improved our efficiency. We are very pleased with the results obtained.
Sone TecnologiaSone Tecnologia
14:23 03 Oct 23
In our opinion, the best cashback system has served us very well, great service from the team.
Adeilson ChagasAdeilson Chagas
22:42 11 Sep 23
Too cool, I'm assembling my Cube, soon to be in operation.
Smart Bis system is not working and has no support.
12:00 01 Aug 23
The platform is good, but it didn't work on my customer profile
Jadson WelderJadson Welder
16:28 05 Jul 23
Complete platform for those who want to launch their Affiliate Program. Attentive and professional team. Congratulations on the work. I recommend.
Thays Lachi VisachiThays Lachi Visachi
17:34 30 Jun 23
I recently closed a contract and so far I can only rate it with 1 star due to the inefficiency of the implementation. The team does not know how to guide how to integrate with rd station and WhatsApp. I've been waiting for 2 days for them to learn to teach me something that should be basic for them to know.
Michel CarvalhoMichel Carvalho
14:19 26 Jun 23
Good service and clarification of doubts. I haven't closed a deal yet, but the first impression is positive.
Smartbis has a very good platform to apply in different segments.I am happy to choose this platform.Attentive staff.I recommend.
23:13 16 Jun 23
An excellent platform. It exceeded all my expectations.
Hugo AlmeidaHugo Almeida
21:11 30 May 23
Instalação e configuração rápida de um sistema de cash back totalmente personalizado conforme as necessidades da empresa.
Hugo AlmeidaHugo Almeida
21:11 30 May 23
Quick installation and configuration of a fully customized cash back system according to the company's needs.
Luiz DamasLuiz Damas
20:20 30 May 23
Service note 10, patient staff and very explanatory. The tool seems to be very effective
Nuno OrnelasNuno Ornelas
22:02 24 May 23
We are currently testing the platform and I am very pleased with how it works and the possibilities that exist.
The best loyalty system I've ever used!
Bruno NetoBruno Neto
07:28 22 Apr 23
Bruno VeronezeBruno Veroneze
13:36 30 Mar 23
I really like the platform! Easy to use, customers are loving it
Josy PerozzoJosy Perozzo
16:16 17 Mar 23
I am in the testing phase of the application, but it looks very good
20:03 12 Feb 23
I liked it, but I think they could open all the functions for a period of 7 days, then the next 30, limit the microclub system. In order to gain more knowledge, today I'm at CRM&Bonus, but I'm finding yours good too.
We are testing it on our website but we have already seen many features
John FlávioJohn Flávio
20:36 23 Jan 23
Excellent tool, highly recommend
Izabel EvangelistaIzabel Evangelista
17:32 20 Jan 23
Fast service, attendants concerned about teaching the platform. Grade 10
Francisco DarlanFrancisco Darlan
12:23 15 Jan 23
I'm in the trial period but I'm really enjoying it. The system is modern, easy to use and cost-effective.
Efraim GasEfraim Gas
14:08 09 Jan 23
amazing app, everything I was looking for to leverage my sales I found it
Augusto SouzaAugusto Souza
20:58 19 Dec 22
I was looking for something like this to retain my customers. I even thought about creating such an app, but I saw that Smartbis was what I was really looking for.
Marcos GonçalvesMarcos Gonçalves
02:02 18 Dec 22
The app looks good, but the service needs to improve.
15:23 08 Dec 22
A perfect service, with clarity in the way of explaining and understanding of the need.
Amauri MoroziniAmauri Morozini
17:55 16 Nov 22
It fixed my life! Today I have important metrics about my clients' profile, I manage to generate campaigns via WhatsApp and find out who my best clients are.
Marcelo TupperMarcelo Tupper
12:15 14 Nov 22
Excellent customer loyalty and retention system. It has many interesting features and the prices are excellent.
Leandro DinizLeandro Diniz
13:51 01 Nov 22
Excellent APP and easy configuration and interaction between systems.
Arthur CardilloArthur Cardillo
20:09 31 Oct 22
Excellent App! Very easy to configure and administer!
MUCH MORE THAN I EXPECT... TOO TOP PLATFORM. Everything works, easy to do, extremely consistent values! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Purifica sua VidaPurifica sua Vida
19:46 20 Oct 22
Fast and dedicated service, the application is meeting expectations.So it didn't get 5 stars, because it can improve the sending of messages by giving the option to send a small png image along with some promotion notice.
Caroline MioriniCaroline Miorini
14:08 19 Oct 22
yes, it's been very good to use this tool
01:04 19 Oct 22
Great system! Good price. However, there are serious errors that do not prevent the operation but make it difficult and even make possible shopkeepers give up using.1 - Having to keep searching the system for the status of the customer and even then it is wrong saying that it is not registered, when the customer has proof that they use or have their card printed, when in fact it is inactive due to default or deactivated by the administrator. Solution " When typing cpf or telephone, the system will search and show a message before entering the sale.2 - Not having an open API for integration, there are several partners in which we are hostage to their solutions and we also have to buy these services, which characterizes a combined purchase, since we have to acquire third-party services.3 - Finally, an anti-fraud system is very important. It could be just the customer validating the purchase with a personal password of about 4 digits. Because the QR code technology is flawed, as any attendant simply copies the card and inserts points to anyone who wants to.The system is top notch, I hope to use it soon.Thanks.
Ana UtzigAna Utzig
18:39 18 Oct 22
plano muito bom! os clientes gostaram muito do programa de fidelidade
Grupo DialetoGrupo Dialeto
11:30 18 Oct 22
Excellent care.
OFF Y EmpresaOFF Y Empresa
17:48 17 Oct 22
Thiago CruzThiago Cruz
11:04 17 Oct 22
With this system I was able to have a huge increase in engagement with my customers.
Matheus RodriguesMatheus Rodrigues
19:30 16 Oct 22
system could be better, it has limitations such as issuing a report
Fabio PoertoFabio Poerto
03:20 14 Oct 22
João LunaJoão Luna
19:29 26 Sep 22
Excellent service from Fagner and Lucas.
Ailton MeloAilton Melo
14:55 19 Sep 22
Robust platform. very good service
Wanderson VieiraWanderson Vieira
15:52 18 Feb 22
Nivaldo SalesNivaldo Sales
11:54 17 Dec 21
Anderson GiacomolliAnderson Giacomolli
23:35 08 Jul 20
Vigo ElyVigo Ely
22:45 08 Jul 20
Tiago GuerraTiago Guerra
22:40 08 Jul 20
Atendeu minha necessidade, cumpriu o que prometia. Bom atendimento. Recomendo.
Tiago GuerraTiago Guerra
22:40 08 Jul 20
It met my need, fulfilled what it promised. Good service. I recommend.


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