O maior ecossistema de tecnologias em vendas do Brasil

O maior ecossistema de tecnologias em vendas do Brasil

Meio de Pagamento


Soluções para pagamento online | Safe2Pay... Saiba mais
Categoria: Meio de Pagamento
Para equipes: 5 a 9
Segmentos: Educação, Imobiliário, Telecom
Usuários ativos na plataforma: 1 a 1000
Teste grátis: sim



Soluções para pagamento online | Safe2Pay

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Vitinho RamosVitinho Ramos
12:28 25 Oct 23
Very professional and efficient company, every time I contacted I was treated with cordiality, excellent service!!
Joao RodriguesJoao Rodrigues
22:15 03 Oct 23
Scam company, I didn't even make a purchase there and they debited my account.... I'm going to report you. Scammers!
Marcus PaivaMarcus Paiva
15:09 15 Sep 23
I made a complaint on Reclame Aqui about the company and then saw that the CNPJ that scammed me did not correspond to Safe2Pay. I canceled the complaint at the same time and, even so, the company contacted me immediately wanting to refund the payment, when I explained that it was a mistake on my part. Here is a public compliment to the company for its efficiency and concern for security in transactions. Congratulations and thank you.
Moises MarianoMoises Mariano
12:04 05 Aug 23
I never made a purchase with you and the invoice came without my consent I didn't even know who you were I'm going to report you
Arnaldo MesquitaArnaldo Mesquita
13:51 07 Jul 23
I've been receiving monthly bills from this company, I don't know it and I've never had contact with you...... A totally wrong way of trying to gain customers...... I call and listen to music and there's no one there for us to talk to. ..... TERRIBLE!!!!Below are the ticket numbers for cancellation:Our number - 000312263100533487540003122631005658256800031226310058215970I await a solution and the cancellation of my CNPJ for these undue charges...
Luiz OlimpioLuiz Olimpio
17:08 20 Jun 23
He faces the challenges of being an entrepreneur in Brazil on a daily basis, with seriousness. I've been a customer since 2020, I recommend.
Bruno PavanBruno Pavan
20:07 26 Apr 23
Boletos from this company appear that I don't know and have no specification. Excellent for scammers.Specify tickets.
Bruna SilveiraBruna Silveira
20:01 12 Apr 23
Serious company, which values ​​good service and good processes with the customer. Great system and easy to understand. I highly recommend.
José NiltonJosé Nilton
17:56 06 Apr 23
I was very well attended. The service team was very attentive, explanation about the services and products very detailed and competitive prices! I recommend!
Terrible attendance!I don't recommend it to anyone!The worst experience was with the employee Thais, who treated me as if I needed a favor from her when I asked for an answer about a problem generated by Safe2Pay. Widespread incompetence!
I do not recommend Safe2Pay services. Do not return support requests or commercial support when asked. And, the system is very unstable.
Marta RibeiroMarta Ribeiro
23:56 02 Mar 23
Terrible attendance!They never respond satisfactorily when there is a technical problem. As a result, we are unable to sell.
We are very grateful to Safe for their care and dedication in providing solutions to improve customer experiences.It is a company that cares about listening to customers, and the BEST, develops solutions to solve problems.We leave our thanks to the SAC and HR sector that always listened and very briefly brought something innovative to small entrepreneurs in the gym business.Thank you all.
Extreme quality company, solve problems and help my company a lot. The service team is a 10, agility and security in my operations.
Very good service. Unfortunately, the solution does not issue invoices, which greatly disrupts companies' daily lives and is still very technically unstable, which also creates a lot of headaches for the user. There's still a lot to improve.They have improved since my last review. However, to this day there is no grade, as we had promised for the beginning of this year (we are here in NOVEMBER). I keep 1 star


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