O maior ecossistema de tecnologias em vendas do Brasil

O maior ecossistema de tecnologias em vendas do Brasil



A empresa norte-americana chegou ao Brasil em 2015 como a nova aposta da automação de marketing. Instalada em Santa Catarina, está presente também em 26 países e conta com uma rede de mais de 2.000 ag... Saiba mais
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A empresa norte-americana chegou ao Brasil em 2015 como a nova aposta da automação de marketing. Instalada em Santa Catarina, está presente também em 26 países e conta com uma rede de mais de 2.000 agências ao redor do mundo. A SharpSpring tem se destacado por apresentar uma das plataformas de automação de marketing mais completas do mercado.

A SharpSpring Brasil conta com dois escritórios – um em Jaraguá do Sul (SC) e outro em Curitiba (PR) – e uma equipe extremamente comprometida e profissional, em constante crescimento.

A SharpSpring Brasil trouxe ao país uma plataforma com todos os recursos necessários para desenvolver o melhor do marketing digital, com uma robustez e valor até então nunca vistos de forma acessível.

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SharpSpring Brasil
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01:07 10 Apr 24
Excellent customer service. Excellent app tbh. I like it so much. Very easy to navigate. Def recommend using it for all your leads and cold emailing needs.
Sun RaysSun Rays
01:30 30 Mar 24
Great Service providers. Email WarmUp tools and Email Drip Campaigns are simple and easy to implement, not to mention their live chat support team which is quick to respond and understands your issue no matter how complex.
Erekle MErekle M
07:02 13 Feb 24
I've found Snov.io to be an absolute game-changer! Its intuitive platform and powerful features have revolutionized my lead generation process. With Snov.io, I can effortlessly find accurate contact information, verify emails, and automate follow-ups, saving me hours of manual work. Plus, their customer support is top-notch, always there to help when needed. Highly recommend it to anyone in the lead generation game!
Pavlo BokovyiPavlo Bokovyi
11:40 09 Feb 24
There are tons of services on the market that offer you email validation and sending emails. Why I chose Snov.io is because of the very fast and high-quality support, they respond almost immediately and solve the problem in the in-app chat. User-friendly and not overloaded interface and the possibility of integrations. The tool is worth the money
I've been using Snov.io for over a year and a half. But this is the first service I've come across since then that's growing so fast and so dynamically in its niche.I like the feature of finding email contacts in literally ANY way. Including bulk emails using domains. And I think warming up email accounts before starting the campaign is a brilliant idea!Thanks to the entire Snov.io team!
Angeli LapingAngeli Laping
01:14 30 Jan 24
Almost all apps are the same, they just vary in facade, and their customer service (which is the most important to me). Sno.vio has very reliable customer service. They walk you through step-by-step until your question is satisfied, but the BETTER part is, they foresee your needs. It's like having a person think for you, rather than just figuring out what to do next. I believe having good customer service on your side, is a good assurance of your business' success.
Vira KerekeshaVira Kerekesha
10:52 25 Jan 24
Snovio has been a game-changer for us! In just 6 months, we've found it to be user-friendly, highly effective for lead generation, and backed by a stellar support team. Innovative features set it apart, and its reliability is unmatched. Plus, it's become our go-to for seamless email outreach. Thanks to the Snovio team for a fantastic product!
Mark IwanowskiMark Iwanowski
01:33 24 Jan 24
Sonv.io is a great tool for email marketing and very cost efficient. The tools and support are excellent. It is also very easy to use and intuitive without having to spend a lot of time watching vidoes.
MacKenzie BrownMacKenzie Brown
22:34 23 Jan 24
I've been very pleased with the Snovio platform and especially the help of the product support provided. Fernando helped walk me through the steps of using their product, onboarding, and marketing automation strategies to grow our audience. I'd recommend the Snovio platform for lead generation, business intelligence, and growing your rolodex of prospects.The value is great as well. After pricing out the SaaS alternatives for marketing automation, their product is 50-80% cheaper than the main alternatives.
Oleksii KratkoOleksii Kratko
10:31 22 Jan 24
I am biased, but I love Snovio!
Evelyn AlmeidaEvelyn Almeida
14:20 09 Jan 24
Do not buy Snovio annual plan if you are not 100% sure you will use it. I bouhgt the annual plan, but I tried to cancel it afterwards and they did not refund a cent.
Aline LimaAline Lima
15:32 08 Nov 23
Excellent platform! It helps a lot with prospecting
jaafar boughannoujaafar boughannou
18:02 25 Oct 23
Shobha GargShobha Garg
04:37 06 Oct 23
Do not purchase, even for a month. I wasted my money and an entire month on this tool. The reason is that just after sending 500 emails, you will get blocked due to the server they use to send emails. I have three GSuite premium accounts and am still sending emails through another software. However, when I purchased this tool, my entire campaign got stuck after just one week. Every email started to bounce back and the reason was their tool. I talked to the GSuite team and also hired an email delivery expert. Both told me that the problem lies in their tool. When I tried another tool, everything started working again. I tried to ask the Snovio team to solve the issue but did not get any solution for the last week. If you don't want to lose money, time, and your IP reputation, stay away from their tool.
Fernando PortelaFernando Portela
17:37 21 Jul 23
Bad company, horrible support, they treat the customer like garbage. I'm going to look for Ramper, because at least they are decent with the customers, because the support from Snov performed by the attendant Heros, was the worst experience I've ever had with a digital company, they let them down and still make fun of the customer who paid for the platform for several months even without using it. Look for other platforms. This one likes to earn her money and not give anything away. Competitor Ramper is infinitely better
Yves-Marie BoulvertYves-Marie Boulvert
11:56 31 May 23
Malheureusement, ce logiciel plein de potentiels n'est pas au point et le service client ne reconnait jamais ses erreurs. J'ai perdu beaucoup de temps et d'argent avec ce logiciel.
Yves-Marie BoulvertYves-Marie Boulvert
11:56 31 May 23
Unfortunately, this software full of potential is not developed and customer service never recognizes its errors. I wasted a lot of time and money with this software.
Kate SamchukKate Samchuk
13:33 05 Oct 22
Great company and product! Highly recommended for email campaigns. The best one I used so far.
Pedro HenriquePedro Henrique
20:29 16 Sep 22
Dmytro KrshDmytro Krsh
09:07 13 Aug 22
Guntec EspañaGuntec España
16:00 19 Jul 22
They suspended my account after one month of use and having paid. I have lost a lot of time for nothing.
Fclu NJ ChapterFclu NJ Chapter
05:48 06 Sep 21
Great serviceExcellent professionals
Tetiana PetrenkoTetiana Petrenko
17:18 22 May 21
Analyse ThatAnalyse That
11:45 21 Jan 19


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